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Lemco Installation


F-Fitting Drivers
The F-Fitting Driver speeds the installation and removal of connectorized drop cable. The tool features knurled surfaces, hex sockets, cable slot, and a hole for a belt loop. It also works in trap security shields; the advantages are speed, ease of use, and positive wrenching. Unlike the clumsy open-end wrench, the F driver remains securely on the fitting without scratching the finished surface of the connector.



Combination Can Wrenches
Heat-treated steel sockets in a ribbed handle work well in all network interface devices and with communications hardware in various applications. Sockets are zinc plated and color coded for easy identification. Length 7”.
Wt. 5 ozs.

A-38-716 3⁄8” socket (silver), 7⁄16 ” socket (black)

A-12-716 1⁄2” socket (gold), 7⁄16 ” socket (black)



Click-Type Torque Wrenches/ TQ-Series, TQG-Series, TQSS-Series


Speed Wrench head jumps hex corners for speedy installs TQ-7/16 TQ-1/2 TQ-9/16 Wt. 8 ozs.

Full Contact Head for positive grip TQG-7/16 TQG-1/2 Wt. 8 ozs.

Pivoting security shield/ torque wrench for shielded f-fittings.
Wt. 11 ozs.

Pictured wrenches and model numbers have standard torque setting of 30 lbs. per inch.



Cable Tec Continuity Tester/ A-202
The Cable Tec Continuity Tester is a Go/No Go inspection device. 100% inspection accuracy means the elimination of just one call-back pays for the unit. Used alone the LED unit reads shorts and splitters. The push-on sleeve fitting means quick handling. When used together the LED unit and the beeper unit identify clean lines and assist in isolating problems. The two units also identify lines at MDU lock boxes. The LED and beeper unit each measure 3 1⁄4” x 2 1⁄8”. Nine volt battery and user instructions are included.
Wt. 5 ozs.



Pen-Toner/ A-303
A pocket-sized continuity tester for identifying and troubleshooting drop cable lines.The LED unit reads shorts and splitters. The unit can be used to check integrity of new reels of cable before leaving the warehouse.

The LED unit and Toner unit, used at each end of a line, identify clean cable lines, assist in isolating problems or identifying lines at MDU lock boxes. Small lightweight unit conveniently clips to a shirt pocket.
4 1⁄8” length. Battery and F81 barrel connector included. Wt. 3 ozs.

A303-TONE Toner replacement
A303-LED LED replacement



Carpet Punches/N-745, N-900
Protect yourself and your customer with a carpet punch from Lemco. These tools clear the way for the drill and eliminate costly claims. Drop forged in one piece from the finest alloy steel, these punches have an inside taper to easily clear the punching from the tool barrel. Two sizes are supplied to fit your needs.




Drop Cable Guide/ B-983
This guide is a solution to a clumsy and time consuming problem: getting the service wire through the wall or floor. Place the guide through a 3⁄8” hole. The tapered end helps you locate the hole on the opposite side. The flared end prevents the guide from pulling through the wall. After the cable is well through the wall, pull the guide back: a slit is provided in the guide to remove it from the wire. The highly visible, fluorescent orange tubing is firm enough to find its way through insulation. 20” In length. Five per package.
Wt. 2.2 ozs.

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